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Beeby, Thomas
Bolton, Thomas Greenall
Boumphrey, Joseph Walley
Britton, William Edward
Carruthers, C. H.
Chadwick, Norman Stewart
Faulkner, Charles George
Godwin, George
Godwin, Harold Frank
Godwin, Robert
Goodman, John Arthur
Griffiths, Henry
Hill, James
Isaac, William
de Knoop, Jersey
Mayers, B
Minshall, Joseph William
Minshall, Thomas Brookes
Minshull, Percy
Minshull, Richard A.
Moore, Frank Blatchford
Myhill, Arthur William
Newport, George
Platt, Frank Burgess.
Ryland, Arthur Charles
Soames, Arthur Henry Leslie
  • 3rd King’s Own Hussars, and Royal Flying Corps
  • Minia Camp - May 1916
Soames, William Noel
Thornton, Frank